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back to the future.....

This year feels like we have gone back to the future. Since March of 2020, all of our worlds have changed. Thank you all for your support, partnerships, and volunteer hours. Because of you, Families and Youth in our community know what it means to be loved.

Currently, YWAM Fort McMurray is running 6 different programs serving Families and Youth in our city. Here is a breakdown of those programs:

YOUTH LUNCH: Runs every Tuesday and Thursday during lunch hours. Students are served a free lunch and coffee. Most days, we have anywhere between 70-100 youth come through the doors. The focus is that students have a fun, safe place to have lunch and somewhere to be that they are loved and cared for.

FAMILY NIGHTS: Every Thursday night at 6pm, we serve a community supper for families. Along with providing a meal, families also participate in different activities. Also, on Thursdays, we deliver to families who can not make it out. Each week we serve anywhere from 50-100 meals. The focus of this night is families, as they are our foundation, and as they succeed, we succeed.

FAMILY CAMP: At the end of June, we take the families involved in family nights to camp. It is a fun relaxing time away that allows families to have a fun family vacation. It is also a time to hang out and get to know each other better.

Family Christmas Party: Christmas is a time of year to celebrate! We spend November and part of December gathering gifts and grocery cards for the families that come on Thursdays. On the last Thursday before school ends for Christmas break, we host a Christmas celebration where we hand out gifts and support for the families; most years, even Santa makes an appearance.

Youth Group: Every Tuesday night, we host a Youth Group for students in grades 7-12. This is a space to have a meal together, play games, and explore faith. We have anywhere from 20-35 students coming. Throughout the year, we host different events with students. On November 18, we took 26 students on our Edmonton in 24hr trip, where students get to go to West Edmonton Mall for shopping, the waterpark, the Rec room and then go paint-balling. It is a super fun time where students get to spend time away with friends in a fun, safe environment. It also allows getting to know them better.

Youth Leadership Program: Is focused on giving students in grades 8-12 an opportunity to learn about and practise leadership. This is a unique opportunity where students are the leaders; they spend 10 months learning and practising leadership through hosting fundraisers and building a leadership definition they can live and practise. On July 6-18, 2023, students will travel down to Modesto, California, to work with YWAM Modesto, where they will have opportunities to volunteer with different organizations, from the San Fransisco Food Bank to World Relief, that supports Afghan families. This year we have over 12 students signed up to come!

To finish this up, we want to acknowledge and say thank you to Fort City Church; the partnership we have with you gives us the ability to run these programs.

Would you consider partnering with us and giving a one-time donation or becoming a monthly sponsor?

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